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A Unique School

The Montreal School of Gemmology is a bilingual school offering courses in both English and French.  All of our instructors are fluently bilingual and teach in both languages.

Students can choose to enroll in courses or workshops in either French or English and receive the course notes in the language of their choice.  Some students opt to take courses in their second language - a great way to improve their own language skills.  For those students who plan to live and work in Quebec and Canada, it is a great opportunity to develop the necessary vocabulary for the gem and jewellery business in both official languages.

Over 2000 specimens. EGM's collection of teaching specimens is truly remarkable.  Over 2000 gems, rough crystals, diamonds, pearls and jewellery provide students with concrete examples of often-theoretical concepts.  Having such a vast collection allows our instructors to carefully select appropriate specimens to help illustrate important points during courses and workshops.

Our collection is the result of years of selective buying that started even before EGM opened its doors in 1995.  The collection continues to grow as we add examples of new treatments, newly discovered stones, and new synthetic gems.

EGM also has stone sets that we lend to advanced students for extra practice and observation during the course of their studies.

10 fully equipped gemmological workstations. EGM has ten workstations that are fully equipped with microscopes, refractometers, monochromatic and white light sources, and polariscopes.  Students also have access to shared instruments such as ultra-violet lamps, spectroscopes, dichroscopes, and colour filters.

Informative and accessible course notes in English and French. Every course and workshop at EGM has its own set of notes designed specifically to provide students with information they will need during the course and a useful reference for their future projects.  Course notes are available in English and French. Our course notes are constantly being updated to keep pace with new developments in the field of gemmology.

Audio-visual pedagogic materials
Over the last 10 years EGM has amassed a vast library of DVDs, videos, photos, slides, and power-point presentations related to many aspects of the world of gemmology.