Montreal School of Gemology - accueil- etudiants

Our Students

The Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM) has students from many different backgrounds with diverse goals and interests.

Absolute beginners and seasoned professionals alike will find courses of interest at EGM.  We have students of all ages and at different stages in their lives.  Some are fulfilling a life long dream of learning about gems, some have just discovered the world of gems and want to learn more, some are hobbyist looking to expand their understanding of gemstones, and others still are long time enthusiasts and professionals looking to update their skills.  

Our students may take different paths to get to EGM but they all leave with a newfound, or rekindled passion for gems.

Where can it take you ?
The careers some of our past students enjoy are as diverse as the students themselves.  

Here's a short list of where some of them are now :
  • Owning or working for retail jewellery boutiques
  • Running their own professional gem and jewellery appraisal offices
  • Running their own gemmology schools
  • Working with manufacturers and jewellery wholesalers
  • Designing and selling their own jewellery
  • Working for the jewellery and gem departments of large auction houses
  • Traveling the world to visit gem deposits and buy rare stones
  • Grading diamonds, pearls and coloured stones  
Foreign Students

Every year, EGM welcomes students from abroad who choose to study in Montréal. Our alumni include graduates from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Congo, Japan, and many other countries.

Montréal is a vibrant and welcoming city.  A modern metropolis with old world charm, Montréal is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and 'je ne sais quoi' flair.  

Most students coming to study in Montréal choose our intensive programs such as :

-Gem-A preparatory course.  Intensive daytime option from January to mid-June

-French language Master Valuer gem and jewellery appraisal course.  Three week intensive course every July.

-Rough Diamond Grading five-day workshop. Dates vary for this workshop.
Many students combine the Gem-A preparatory course with the Master Valuer appraisal course and choose to stay in Montréal from January through the end of July.  This also allows them to take advantage of Montréal's many festivals during the summer.

Students living outside Montréal interested in registering for any of these classes should contact EGM.  Detailed information will be provided and a phone interview scheduled for students wishing to take the Gem-A preparatory class.

Depending on the country of origin, tourist or study visas may be required.  Please check with either your local government or the government of Canada.  

Students have no problems finding accommodations in Montreal.  There are many options including furnished apartments, rooms for rent or university residences just steps away from EGM.  EGM helps new students by connecting them with past students who can give them insights and helpful hints about student life and living in Montreal.

Students living in France, Belgium and Switzerland who can't come to Montreal can enroll for our Jewellery Sales associate Course.  This is a distance learning course and students can write their exams in France.