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Books and Instruments

The following books and instruments are available at EGM.  The prices listed are in Canadian dollars and include taxes and shipping costs.

Books :

GIA Gem Charts $40.00

Walter Schuman, Gemstones of the World,  $55.00

Renée Newman, Buying Guides: Diamonds, How to Buy a Diamond Ring, Pearls, Rubies and Sapphires, Colored Stones, Jewellery Buying Guide
$35.00 each

Fred Ward, Emeralds, Jade, Pearls, Rubies and Sapphires, Diamonds, Phenomenal Gems
$205.00 each

Colin H. Winter, OPL A Student's Guide to Spectroscopy, $25.00

Gem Instrument Kits :


Loupe/tweezers/gem-cloth/zelco pocket light

Zelco Flexilamp $15.00
10x loupe $27.50
Tweezers  $27.50
Gem-cloth $5.00