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Diamond Inclusions by Nizam Peters

Diamond Inclusions is the latest publication by Nizam Peters who is the founder and director of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting. Mr. Peters is a well-known diamond cutter and rough diamond grading expert who has developed advanced diamond-cutting machines and has been invited to consult with diamond companies around the world.

His previous publications include Rough Diamonds: A Practical Guide and Rough Diamonds: Internal and External features (both available at EGM) which are considered valuable tools for anyone working with rough diamonds or just fascinated by the natural state of one of the world’s most sought after gems.

In Diamond Inclusions Peters examines both external and internal features most commonly seen in diamonds. The book is divided into two main sections “External Features” and “Internal Features” with subsections focusing on the different varieties of inclusions describing their appearance and origins. With over 250 colour photos this book is a wonderful reference for anyone who handles or grades diamonds.

However, what makes this book more than just a collection of interesting photos is Peters’ unique perspective as a diamond cutter. The final two chapters offer a detailed description of the diamond cutting process. Peters focuses on how inclusions, whether internal strain or dark crystals, impact the diamond cutters decisions about how to polish a piece of rough and provides insight into the sometimes difficult decisions a cutter must make when trying to find an economically viable balance between the final weight of the polished diamond, the final clarity grade, and the final proportions. Filled with more photos and diagrams these last 90 pages of the book are a fascinating insider’s perspective of the diamond’s journey from rough crystal to polished product.

Diamond Inclusions goes beyond just being a resource with clear descriptions and images of common diamond features, it also offers a behind the scenes glimpse into the often secretive world of diamond cutting.
                                                                            - Chandra Horn