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Continuing Education and Advanced Studies

The Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM) offers courses, workshops, lectures and conferences that appeal to a diverse audience.  Practicing gemmologists, appraisers, gemmology students and gem lovers will find something for them at EGM.

Gemmology Plus


Practical labs. Available upon request for advanced students only.

Gemmology Plus was designed to meet the needs of the following groups:

  • Alumni who have finished their gemological training and want access to hands on practice with well-chosen gem specimens to help them refresh or improve their gem identifying skills.  
  • Students who have participated in our diamond or pearl grading workshops and wish to maintain and improve their new skills with continued hands-on practice using pre-graded stones and pearls. 
  • Students preparing for the EGM Gemmology certificate exam who feel they need more practice before taking the exams.
  • Students taking correspondence courses with the GIA or other institutions who want to practice gem identification with the guidance of an instructor.
  • Students currently studying gemmology who may have difficulties with a particular instrument and want to practice at their own pace using stones selected specifically for their needs.
  • Past and present students who have personal gem collections they wish to test, observe, or identify using instruments they may not otherwise have access to.

Advanced workshops

The world of gems and jewellery is constantly evolving and to help local gemmologists, appraisers, and gem enthusiasts stay up to date the Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM) also offers specialized and advanced workshops.

In October 2009, EGM offered a workshop dedicated to gem treatment detection.  With a focus on the most commonly seen treatments such as oiling, polymer and glass filling, heat, heat and diffusion, and coatings students observed well chosen examples and learned how to detect treated stones.  This workshop concentrated on treatments seen in emeralds and corundum and students received detailed illustrated course notes that will serve as a valuable reference in the future.

For more information about upcoming workshops, consult our calendar or call 514-844-0024.

Lecture series

EGM is proud to invite guest speakers to give presentations for the general public and members of the gem and jewellery community.

In October 2009, EGM invited Richard Druker, publisher of The GemGuide, a pricelist for diamonds, coloured stones and pearls, Richard Drucker is an internationally renowned lecturer, gemologist and appraiser.  Mr. Drucker shared his knowledge and understanding of the changing market values for treated gemstones in his lecture: Pricing Gem Treatments: The Facts, the Challenges, the Legal Issues

In November 2009, EGM invited Lou-Pierre Bryl, an EGM graduate (FGA 2007) who has spent the last six months visiting mineral and gem deposit sites in Burma, Viet-Nam and Tanzania.  Like the famous 17th century explorer Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, Lou-Pierre's passion for gems has taken him to exotic and fascinating destinations. Lou- Pierre shared his experiences and beautiful photographs (Tavernier never had a camera!) with a packed room of gem lovers.

See our calendar for upcoming events