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Opal Grading Workshop

Workshop given by Greg Kratch in November 2010. Comments from Iwona Manitius

Very interesting information, well taught. There is not many sources to learn about opal. This workshop is unique! I am so pleased I came.''

The mysterious beauty of opal's play of colour is unparalleled, no other gem can capture the rainbow.  The most prized among these phenomenal gems are the black opals which have been known to sell for prices far higher than diamonds. 

Greg Kratch, a gemmologist and lapidary whose passion for opals is both unrivaled and contagious, developed this workshop for the Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM). Greg spent over ten years mining, cutting, and grading opals in Australia's famed opal region of Lightning Ridge.  Students who take this workshop have access not only to Greg's vast knowledge and experience but also his truly impressive collection of opal specimens (both rough and cut), books, articles and other reference materials.

During this two-day workshop students will learn about the physical properties of opal, how to identify different varieties, and how to grade opals using a system created by the Australian Opal Association.  Students will receive Paul Downing's book : Opal Identification and Value (value $60) as part of their course notes. 

Students who successfully complete this workshop will receive an attestation from EGM and an official receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year.

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