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Pearl Grading Workshop

The allure of pearls is timeless and universal, however since the 1960's the pearl market has literally exploded with the arrival of new varieties of cultured pearls from Tahiti, Australia and China. Distinguishing the different types and understanding the criteria used to judge quality and value of pearls can be a challenge in today's market.

Starting with an overview of pearl production and focusing on observation, this two-day workshop follows the pearl from nucleation to necklace. 

Students learn how to recognize different varieties of pearls and what factors contribute to the value of each variety.  Students examine carefully selected specimens to learn how to judge the characteristics responsible for quality and value.  Students learn how to grade individual pearls and pearl jewellery based on shape, size, colour, nacre thickness, surface quality and matching, and how these criteria impact price.  The course also covers how to distinguish common pearl imitations and detect current pearl treatments.

The course includes an EGM pearl grading manual that will help students retain what they view in class and serve as a valuable reference for the future.

An EGM letter of completion will be issued to students who participate and pass a final practical test. EGM will also issue an official receipt for tax purposes