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Diamond Grading Workshop

Learn the ABC's of the 4C's, the criteria used for grading and valuing facetted diamonds. Over two days, you'll analyse polished diamonds, learn to read reports from major laboratories such as the GIA, HRD or AGS and grade diamonds like they do.

Using carefully chosen specimens, 10x loupe and microscope will learn how to grade:
CARAT. Often an initial identifying feature, it is important to know how to correctly and precisely measure and weigh a diamond.

CLARITY. You will learn about different diamond inclusions, how to grade clarity and how to plot the inclusions on a diamond diagram.

COLOUR. Using calibrated master diamonds you will learn how to grade the colour of loose diamonds.

CUT. You will learn techniques to help you grade this often misunderstood or underestimated characteristic of diamond grading.

You will also learn about diamond simulants such as CZ and synthetic moissanite and how to distinguish them from natural diamonds.  We will also discuss common diamond treatments. The workshop includes an EGM diamond-grading manual.

An EGM letter of completion will be issued to students who participate and pass a final practical test. EGM will also issue an official receipt for tax purposes.

Note: This course is obligatory for students who want to earn a Rough Diamond Grading Diploma

Also available in every summer (July), GIA Diamond Grading five day lab at EGM. To learn more : CLICK HERE