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Gemmology Certificate

Whether you have just discovered the fascinating world of gems and want to learn more about these rare beauties or you are already involved in the gem and jewellery trade and want to upgrade your qualifications the Montreal School of Gemmology's (EGM) Certificate of Gemmology may be the perfect program for you. 

To earn an EGM Certificate of Gemmology students must complete four or five gemmology classes and a two-day diamond grading workshop.

Gemmology 1

Gemmology 2

Gemmology 3

Gemmology 4

Diamond Grading Workshop

Class sizes are limited to 16 students for Gemmology 1 and 12 students for the other courses to ensure that all students will have access to the tools and specimens necessary for an enjoyable and educational experience.  Classes with over 10 students have an instructor and an assistant to guaranty students receive the instruction they need.

Courses leading to an EGM certificate of Gemmology run every term allowing students to study at their own pace. 

Each class has students examining carefully chosen specimens that help illustrate the material being taught.  All courses include detailed course notes to help students integrate and retain new information. These notes will also serve as excellent reference materials once the course has ended

At the end of each course, students who complete the required course work and receive a minimum passing grade of 65% on their final exam will receive an attestation from EGM.  To earn a an EGM Certificate of Gemmology students must receive a minimum grade of 65% at each level and pass the Certificate of Gemmology theory and practical exams.