Montreal School of Gemology - cours-atelier

Gem and Jewellery Appraisal Diploma

“ The variety of things that we have seen, the exposure to all aspects of appraising (coloured diamonds), the visits to dealers and stuff that we would have had a hard time getting access to. Invaluable experience.  I loved the practise we had to calculate and to report – very important and I loved all the great speakers: Janice from Chubb, Drucker, Isabelle, Mike Joffre etc. and to visit Maria Amicone was very encouraging.”
- Holly Quinney, FGA student, Montréal (July 2012)

“ Friendly approach to teaching. Many knowledgeable professional industry members were introduced to us.  Multiple samples to learn from. A vast broad course in a short amount of time.
- Alessandra Di Geso, FGA, Montréal (July 2012)

“A lot of extremely interesting information – how the industry really works and, particularly what is behind the curtain gave me an incentive to work more and to learn more.  The opportunity to meet professionals. The course was well organized and executed in a very good manner.”
-Olga Shevtchenko, FGA, Montreal (July 2012)

“Learning how to appraise.  In my previous job I did not know how to calculate the value, the point where I should check jewellery, etc.  Now, I’am glad to know”
-Tomoko Ogata, GG, Tokyo, Japan (July 2012)