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Introduction to Gemmology


Discover the fascinating world of gems.

No prerequisite

Dive into the world of beautiful and rare gemstones. In a relaxed and friendly environment you will discover gems you have never heard of and observe carefully chosen specimens of many well-known gems.  Students learn about gem formation, mining, and the important characteristics of each gem that help to determine their quality.  Each class involves hands-on observation with a loupe so students can become comfortable and familiar with how to examine gems.

Learn about gem treatments that are used to enhance the appearance of stones, or which gems can be grown in a laboratory.  Whether you are a jeweller or just a jewellery lover, learn important precautions you can take to keep your gems sparkling and safe.

To help you in your discoveries, our illustrated course notes are designed to be accessible and informative for students of all backgrounds.  The course notes allow students to review information seen in class and will serve as a valuable reference for the future.

Students who successfully complete course work and a final exam will receive an attestation from the Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM).

All students will receive an official receipt for tax purposes.

Once you have completed Gemmology 1 and wish to continue to explore the world of gemmology, enroll in Gemmology 2 to learn how to use the instruments used by gemologists for gem identification.

Gemmology 2
Gemmology 3 and 4
Diamond Grading Workshop


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